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IAM ENERGY is a spiritually driven soul who loves her art as a digital music content creator as producer, engineer, beat licenser, artist, songwriter, and label owner. Her artistic songwriting skills are influenced and inspired by the word of God.
I AM ENERGY has two singles currently in the making one is called, "999999 A Promise Made." This song was derived from the promise God made to Abraham when he was 99 years old but those 9's also come from the mathematical constant of Pi these nines appear in PI twice which also has biblical meaning as well as the 762nd digit that right before those 9's appear, all this inspired her to produce and write this song. Her other single is called, ''Breaking Out" which was a biblical metaphor used when Tamar gave birth to twin boys by Judah, and Perez was the one to break through when it was thought his brother Zerah would have been the firstborn. And Perez, his brother, and his mother were mentioned in the Genealogy of Yeshua the Messiah. This song encourages us not to draw back but break Out and Become. I AM ENERGY will be coming out with her first EP in late September but be on the lookout because it might break out sooner.
 I AM ENERGY goal is to deliver God's word to the world of music in a way that will inspire, encourage, empower, and build up the believers while being a positive influencer to the unbelievers as they are being entertained by her creative style of music choice with dancing and grooves that moves you. She has received a student of the month reward for her noticeable hard work and musical strategies from top professionals at LAFilm School and she is graduating with honors.
 She is also inspired by other indie artists like Chance the Rapper, Ari Herstand, and  Frank Ocean, just to name a few. These indie artist named here has been influential to her as an up and becoming an indie artist and musician herself. These artist has made a great name for themselves and their rewards, talents, and followers speak volume for them as well as their charisma when they perform on stage with their fearless audacity, a skill she possesses.
I AM ENERGY  receive great words of encouragement from her professors like Mr. Jarrett Dyson's quote "awesome job, I believe you can reach those goals you have set out to do." and  Mr. Joel Numa's quote, "Outstanding mix and Great job!" from her hard work and determination be on the lookout.
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